The Team


David shares a passion for creating appealing and stylized characters and translating Unique and Varied 2D Designs into the 3D Space. He has Worked With Clients Including Animation Mentor, Carlos Baena, and has recently contributed as a Vis-Dev Sculptor on titles such as the upcoming He-Man 3d Show on Netflix.


Sachin is a Senior Character Artist with a demonstrated history of working in the computer games industry.
He Shares over 15 years of Experience and has worked In Companies such as DreamWorks, Dhruva Interactive, Xentrix Studios.


Gaurav is a storyteller at heart and is specialized in digital sculpting.
As Per clients and his colleagues, he is the one who puts the life into any model that he creates.
He Has worked In Studios Including GSN Games and Dhruva Interactive


Deb, builder and enhancer for world-class services for media and entertainment sector for over two decades. An individual with a proven ability to formulate a broad spectrum of multi-million dollar projects for key clients. Good at Studio Operation Management, Currently focus on building successful enterprise and always wanted to learn how to draw caricatures.