Realistic PBR 3D-Game Character created based on the concept of Seung-Hee Lee.

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Introducing the Blackshot Medic, a stunning AAA-quality 3D game character created through our top-tier game character art outsourcing services. Meticulously crafted based on the concept of Seung-Hee Lee, this character showcases the pinnacle of realism and detail, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry-standard tools.

The Blackshot Medic is a realistic character designed specifically for the mobile FPS game ‘BLACKSHOT M‘. With a hard surface base, this character embodies a sense of strength and tactical expertise.

To enhance the character’s visual appeal and authenticity, we incorporated poly hair cards. These meticulously sculpted and textured hair strands add a level of detail and realism to the character’s hairstyle, bringing it to life in the game world.

Our team of experienced artists utilized high-poly sculpting in ZBrush to capture intricate details on the Blackshot Medic. Every aspect of the character, from the armor to the weaponry, has been meticulously crafted and textured to achieve a high level of realism.

In addition, we employed Marvelous Designer, a powerful cloth simulation software, to create the character’s clothing. This allowed us to achieve realistic folds, drapes, and movement, adding another layer of authenticity to the character’s design.

To ensure optimal performance within the mobile FPS game, we rendered the Blackshot Medic in real-time using Marmoset, a state-of-the-art rendering engine. This technology brings the character to life with stunning visuals and seamless integration into the game environment.

For texturing, we utilized PBR workflows in Substance Painter, ensuring that every material and surface reacts realistically to lighting conditions. This results in stunning material definition, accurate reflections, and lifelike textures that enhance the overall visual fidelity of the character.

By choosing our game character art outsourcing services, you can expect a seamless production process and a commitment to delivering exceptional quality. We work closely with you, providing regular updates and incorporating your feedback to ensure that the character aligns perfectly with your vision for ‘BLACKSHOT M‘.

Experience the unmatched realism and tactical expertise of the Blackshot Medic in the mobile FPS game. Contact us today to discuss your game art outsourcing needs and let us create characters that elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

The Medic concept art worked for vertigo games.

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