Lead: Unity Developer

WhiteBud Studios is a game art development company, which provides excellent production services to a concepts and designs for games, animation and vfx. Our Team of artists specialize in taking an asset all the way from pre-production to being animation ready, ensuring the quality and issues which are taken care of by our experts. We need someone to help us who can brings life into the characters and environments of the concept.


  • Work closely with all the Stake Holders
  • Design particle systems that brings life into the characters and environments of One Hand Clapping
  • Help establish the Game’s Visual Style
  • Design, Build efficient and re-usable codes
  • To transform the Design Document to Functional deliverable


  • 4+ year as a Technical Artist experience
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Complete understanding of game workflows and pipelines
  • Complete understanding of unity asset optimization
  • Technical understanding of the Unity framework and game development pipeline
  • Experience using GIT, P4, and / or equivalent version control system.
  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop scripting techniques
  • Thorough Knowledge and Experience of Visual Effects in Games
  • Well versed in memory budgets and performance targets to meet the content requirement.
  • Highlight Risks and Technical limitations clearly to all Stake Holders
  • Help the team to overcome any blocking issues using content tools and workflow


  • Fluent in hieroglyphics
  • Credit on released titles or demos
  • Experience as tech artist on multi-platform projects
  • 3D Generalist Skill-sets
  • Few AA / AAA, Mobile and / or Console Titles