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Our Motto

Work hand-in-hand with our clients to create cutting edge, high-quality game art that everyone is proud to be associated with.
We cultivate our talent to anticipate and cater to our client’s exact needs and our goal is to establish a one stop solution studio for all the game creators.

Portfolio & Services

We provides game content creation services across various platforms and genres.
We offers a full range of services including concept art, animation, asset creation, in-game integration and level building for Console, Mobile and Slot.

Our Core Pillars

We Value

  • Client First
  • Do the right thing
  • Excellence in services
  • 3BH (Be Hungry, Humble & Happy)

Core Team’s Credit List

Logo of Angry Mob Games
Logo of Bethesda Game Studio
Logo of Cryptic
Logo of DoubleFine
Logo of Gameloft
Logo of Gearbox Software
Logo of Imaginati
Logo of Logotronics
Logo of Company
Logo of Nodding Heads Games